Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some Sketches for You

By Justin Gerard

The new sketchbooks are shipping out right now! This past weekend (after some time to recover from a phenomenal time at Spectrum Live in Kansas City) I took some time and did some drawings in the first 30 orders.

The topics for these sketches ranged from men in strange hats...

 to ancient dragons...

to orcs with limited table manners...

To crocodiles who mean well...

And even into reliquaries of great power...

And finally, (as always) to princesses.  

Thank you guys for the support and the renewed interest in these. I love working on them and I'm looking forward to getting started on the 2013 one soon. We will be doing something a little different and a little bigger for 2013.  Stay Tuned...


To see sketches from the previous years sketchbook releases check out:

2011 Sketchbook Sketches Post

2012 Sketchbook Sketches Post

To order one check them out at:


  1. an other thing to add to my wishlist!

  2. Picked up a print from you this weekend but didn't snag one of these. Given the lovely images you were drawing in them that was a big mistake. I did go ahead and order a copy of your Silver Age sketchbook because the teaser images you show are just too lovely to not own. Thanks for being at SFAL 2 this year. It was an epic weekend and it was great to see your work featured there. Stellar stuff!

  3. These are awesome so I ordered your 2012 one last week. Patiently waiting for its immanent arrival.


  4. I wish such an event like SFAL took place here in Europe, so I could go and see it live. Your sketchbooks looks great, so inspiring! Couldn't resist and ordered the 2010 one. Looking forward to it :)

  5. Thanks Justin! You are awesome, can't wait 'til the sketchbooks get here :)

  6. I'm waiting to receive those three sketchbooks, hope that they arrive to Spain earlier that I'm thinking.


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